Flying high

the presence of you;
changed the law of gravity
and do you remember how it felt,
with all of those butterflies in our stomachs?



Stranger things

Isn’t it strange,
in a world by billions of people
that we experience loneliness
and by that time;
we crave for belonging,
to be a part of somebody
or something

Isn’t that strange;
that somehow,
even with thousands of different languages,
we experience loneliness
and even if words were enough
I would say;
no one could understand just exactly
how today feels


Cardiac arrest definition

asystole; definition
//Cardiac standstill or arrested; absence of heartbeat//
Or, maybe you would understand if I just simply wrote;

It feels like my heavily chest is on fire
and just when this fire inside me no longer can access oxygen
then it’s like everything is gone



Surely, I can feel heartbeats in my chest
and darling,
of course I know what that is
I suppose that is what we call life

I know this blood constantly will fill my veins
and darling,
I can genuinely feel that too
nowadays everything feels so intense
but for some days
I can not feel anything at all


Untitled 170122

There are no words that can explain
how a chest can burn
how all beautiful colors of this world
can fade,
and turn into black and white

People say, time will heal
and I always ask, how do you grieve
when the one who used to be a part of your life
for some reason, is a stranger
and you barely no longer know each other?