At some point in life you’ll come to realization
that not so much matter, for what it used to be.
At some point, I realized that age doesn’t matter,
either does materialistic things
or how your social status influences other people.

At some point, all of your earlier experiences will guide you,
for what you’ve learned and for what made your richer – not in money or success,
but in wisdom and personal growth.
And that is my friend, nothing you can buy.

Maybe one, dazzling day you’ll make peace with your past
and oh darling how lovely it will be;
when your demons no longer haunts you




I keep searching for a solution,
something understandable,
and I’m crossing my fingers and toes
for a reason, an explanation
that would be as simple as something
I’ve already discovered and learned from

Life, it scares me at this point
and I would love to take a seat back,
and enjoy my visit here on earth
but yet,

my mind is playing me a trick
and I keep fooling myself all over again
by running miles and continuing to repeat my
previously mistakes

I’m scared,
that’s all



Someday, you’ll meet someone
who isn’t afraid of your wilderness,
neither the mystique
nor the dark within your soul.

And someday,
you’ll meet that someone,
who will adore and worship every piece of you

and all those cracks and imperfections;
he’ll paint with gold
so whether it’s fucking dark
or dazzling light;

he’ll going to love you as a
perfect work of art