I guess it could be
explained by science
and by that I mean;

my feelings,
are just the lack of
and oxytocin



Stranger things

Isn’t it strange,
in a world by billions of people
that we experience loneliness
and by that time;
we crave for belonging,
to be a part of somebody
or something

Isn’t that strange;
that somehow,
even with thousands of different languages,
we experience loneliness
and even if words were enough
I would say;
no one could understand just exactly
how today feels


Title unknown

I constantly wonder,
if there is someone out there who would understand
how my deepest thoughts are kept as hidden treasures
and I wonder,

If you’re out there somewhere
would I scare you away with my truth
or would you be willing to listen
without judgement or compassion
Would you just simply understand?